Here’s another effect using AS3 to make fog with source files below.


Source: zip

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  • Musguete

    really nice.

  • Jen

    This is awesome! Thanks! I’m trying to adjust the AS so the fog does not fill the entire stage. I’ve tried tweaking the stage size in the AS in both the fogger and smoker as file, and it does something funky to the movie. Suggestions? Thanks again!

  • Alexandre Colella

    Very good! Nice!

  • steve

    How can I get a button to work with this without getting the 1046 error? Thanks

  • Joel

    It looks great, though I’m still trying to learn AS3. So is there something explaining how the fog effect was put together?

    • Jon Bishop

      Sorry Joel but this is an old project and although I like keeping the source code out there for free I don’t have the time to go back and look at the code I wrote a couple of years ago. I hope you understand.

  • Michael Jahn

    can this effect be inside a shape – such a as a circle ?

    • Jon Bishop

      Matter of fact I used this very same effect for one of the old Magicomm websites inside a globe (circle). Just modified the effect a bit to be rotating from a set point rather than multiple points.


    you have done a marvellous job…

  • ivy

    this tutorial is great…

  • Sean Braithwaite

    These tutorials are great, keep em comming.