Wouldn’t it be cool if there was some sort of centralized posting system to make your giveaway known to the world. Oh wait there is.

Something I’ve been doing to win some free stuff is monitoring search.twitter for just that… free stuff.

Search Twitter for Free Stuff

A lot of these contests are easy to join….. usually just leaving a comment on their blog. Others are kind of fun, like a best caption contest. But the more you enter, the better your chances are at winning something.

So go and win many iPhones and Wii’s. Tell them Jon sent you. It won’t help at all but it makes me feel good about myself.

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  • http://controversialmarketing.blogspot.com/2008/10/12-more-great-reasons-to-love-twitter.html Free Stuff on Twitter

    Hi John, don’t freak… you and I are in the top 10 no matter what so I’m just stopping by to say hi and share my article on how to get free stuff on twitter, too.

    I think you’ll really enjoy it; I certainly did yours.

    Best wishes,
    Sam Freedom

  • http://jonbishop.com Jon Bishop

    @Net Marie
    I’ve seen an increased amount of people promoting contests on their blogs in Plurk. A majority of them are using Ping.fm and it also gets posted on Twitter. But I’m sure if you could find that rare gem thats only posted up in Plurk your odds of winning would increase dramatically.

  • http://crestfallen.nu Nat Marie

    I love free stuff, and I searched Twitter for such. It didn’t work! And I wanted a Wii! *pouts*

    I wonder that now that Plurk has a search area that they’ll have some free goodies over there as well…

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    Who doesn’t like free stuff? Thanks for the FREE information

  • http://www.devicesherpa.com Mike

    I would’ve never even thought to do that, but it’s a hell of an idea! Not to mention the fact that you get some fluff blog posts out about it.. some page hits, and a chance at a new toy, I see no problems with that haha, great post!