The other day I was thinking that it would be great if Twitter could be used as a communications platform for discussions around blog posts. I mean we already do this but lack organization. We all know organization isn’t Twitter’s strong suit.

Ultimately I think it would be beneficial if everyone tweeted their blog comments. Currently you’ll see things like:

“Commenting on Jon Bishop’s blog” or “Reading This Awesome New Post”

Every once and awhile someone will actually provide value when Tweeting about one of my posts … but this is rare. I think more people need to start speaking up as it is only through the general consensus of the greater population that we can come to the most logical solution.

So this is where Commentwitter comes in. Ultimately my goal is to give the commenter the option of sending their comment to twitter and allowing people to follow that blogs comments both in the blog and in twitter. The main reason for this is to generate a buzz and encourage commenting on peoples blogs. It will also improve the quality and value of people’s tweets revolving around blog posts.

So here it is, Version 1.0 of Commentwitter.

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  • Rajesh

    Nice post!!!

  • eliz obihfrank

    Glad I clicked on your link Jon. This is terrific and a great platform for Twitter, WordPress and your creative musings. Keep me in the loop. Love it!

  • James O’Connor

    This is a fantastic idea to ultimately draw more value from a Tweet and encourage more interaction from a wider audience! The tweet will serve as the hors’dourves to the blog entre!

  • Jon Bishop

    Getting all the plugins stuff straightened out so Commentwitter will be listed in their repository

  • Jon Bishop

    @AndyGCook Yes it’s a WordPress plugin. I’ll look into the tab index problem.

  • Andy Cook

    Nice work Bishop after seeing it in action. wOOt!

  • Andy Cook

    Great idea! Is it a WordPress plugin? I haven’t been reading the posts leading up to this. Your tab index on Send to Twitter is off a bit : )