Jon Bishop - Creative Technologist

My name is Jon Bishop and I am a Creative Technologist and Digital Marketing Specialist from Boston, MA. I’ve been a Technologist for over 15 years with an increased focus on Marketing Technology for the last 10 years. Most of my time is spent managing technology teams and working with companies to come up with big technology executions. I’ve had the privilege of working on multiple award winning campaigns and am constantly pushing the limits of how technology can create lasting experiences.

My background is primarily in Web Development and Digital Marketing. I jumped on the social media bandwagon relatively early to connect with other like minded individuals within the marketing technology space. I’m truly excited about advancements in how people interact with the web. I developed an early fascination with interactive technologies like Flash and Javascript to create compelling user experiences. More recently I’ve been exploring advancements in ambient intelligence and practical applications of the internet of things. My experience studying online social patterns and the usage of interactive communication technologies helps me build unique and engaging web experiences.

I’ve also done a lot of work with WordPress. I like to blog with it, make websites with it, make themes for it and I especially like making plugins for it. I have 5 plugins you can download off and plenty of tips and tutorials on my blog.

I am very excited about the future of technology and use every opportunity to teach others about its possibilities. I put a lot of effort into curating valuable content and sharing it with my networks. I’ve also taught in traditional classroom settings, technology camps, meetups and conferences. I strongly believe in technology as a means to enable people of all ages to further explore their own passions.