I’m a teacher at heart with over 14 years of web development and digital marketing experience. I spend most of my time reading and writing about web trends and the user experience in an effort to help businesses evolve as fast as the web. I’m fascinated by the organic side of digital marketing and the potential it has to connect brands and consumers as we shift into a more on-demand world.

I would like to take everything I’ve learned and help your business make the transition.

Check out some of my services below. They are not mutually exclusive and the best way to get started is to just contact me.

Website Audit

People expect a lot of your website. A basic website audit will reveal user experience flaws and accessibility problems as well as areas for improvement. I’ll work with you to understand your business needs to make sure you are getting the most of your website.

Digital Strategy

The digital marketing landscape is changing. In a world where it’s easier than ever for consumers to skip commercials and block banner ads people have become desensitized to traditional marketing. I can work with your business to create digital marketing strategy’s that reach consumers at their peak interest.

Search Engine Optimization

Search is still the heart of the internet. Search engines work hard to optimize their algorithms to get the best content in front of its users. The future of the internet, the semantic web and the internet of things are being driven by companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple. The problem with most SEOs is they’re too focused on gaming the system. I’ll help you use the system to your advantage by following internet best practices and implementing the emerging technologies that are driving the web forward.

WordPress Consulting

WordPress is the internet’s most powerful CMS. It powers about 20% of the web and makes up 50% of all content management systems. It is incredibly powerful and extremely easy to use. I contribute regularly to the WordPress community and my plugins have over 200,000 downloads. Let me show you how to use WordPress to its full potential.


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