Here’s some free stuff I’ve given away on my blog in the past. With the creation of this new section I hope to quickly expand upon the number of free plugins and tutorials I offer.

WordPress Plugins

CommenTwitter is a free wordpress plugin I created to help bring conversations on your blog into Twitter. One thing on Twitter I feel is in great need of modification is the method by which we share information. ReTweeting works for sharing links but you aren’t given enough room to give your own opinion on the matter. CommenTwitter will improve the quality of tweets talking about a post as well as drive more traffic to your blog.

Socialize is a free wordpress plugin I created that provides an easy way to selectively add actionable social bookmarks to the content of a post or below the post in an ‘alert box’.

WP About Author is the easiest way to add a customizable author bio below your posts. The plugin works right out of the box with WordPress built in profiles.

Flash Files

Realistic Flame Effect – This is a flash file I put together in AS 3.0. There were a lot of people asking how they could easily recreate the effect of fire in their Actionscript. To this day this is one of my most popular posts.

Realistic Fog/Smoke Effect – This is a flash file I put together to help people create better smoke and fog effects in their flash movies. It’s a simple yet powerful effect.

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  • John

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    Thank you,
    John from Hotmail Adictos.

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