I was playing around with Yahoo Pipes and TweetMeme the other day and ended up putting together this little feed cleaner.

By default, all TweetMeme RSS links link to a TweetMeme overview page for that link. I wanted the feeds to include a link directly to the final destination. In comes Yahoo Pipes. This Pipe cleans the feed by replacing the preview link with the actual link. This could be handy for TwitterFeeds and faster click throughs in your RSS readers.

To use the Pipe, just type in the search query just like you would on the TweetMeme website. The Pipe pulls the most popular stories within the last 24 hours for your search query.

TweetMeme Link Extractor

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  • http://bloq.nguyenvq.com/ Vinh Nguyen

    Thanks, it works!

  • http://bloq.nguyenvq.com/ Vinh Nguyen

    Hi Jon,

    I use google reader to subscribe to http://rss.tweetmeme.com/ (most popular tweets) to know the latest scoop online. However, similar to what you’ve documented here, the links are not direct (used to be though).

    Do you know if it’s possible to use your custom-made pipe to apply to that rss feed to filter the links? On the pipe website, if I click without specifying any keyword, it gives me a list of feeds (new ones, not necessarily popular). Let me know, thanks!