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Ultimately my goal is to give the commenter the option of sending their comment to twitter and allowing people to follow that blogs comments both in the blog and in twitter. The main reason for this is to generate a buzz and encourage commenting on peoples blogs. It will also improve the quality and value of people’s tweets revolving around blog posts.


  • Anyone can Tweet any comment
  • Links back to comments are shortened with


  1. Upload the “commentwitter” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
  2. Go into the WordPress admin interface and activate the plugin

Help a Developer Out

CommenTwitter, blogging and developing other blogging plugins and themes takes up a lot of my time. As much as I love doing it, development slows down when I start taking in side work to pay the bills. If you like CommenTwitter or anything else you see on, please feel free to donate the amount of your choice to help keep me running.

Download CommenTwitter


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  • best free web services

    Thank you jonathan I will try to install it to my wordpress plugins website.

  • http://www.louisvuittoddnoutletbbh.comjfgh fghdf


  • shannon

    Doesn’t work :/

  • cahap

    This seems slick…I wish it would work with the TwitConnect plugin so they would have to enter credentials every time.

  • Chris Lott

    Was not able to get the link to work. Also goes into a loop with Firefox. Any ideas?

  • snapbyariry

    cool..thanks a lot..=)

  • featureme2

    Tweets comment just fine but does not have a url back to the comment? Do I need to adjust something. I didn’t see anyplace to adjust settings.

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  • wptidbits

    Really useful for mobile users who commenting from twitter. Good plugin!

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  • Caleb

    Man, it would really be cool if this worked. I even like the option for setting all comments to post to the blog owners Twitter account :cool:

  • Andrew Crook

    I would love to see a version that uses OAuth I feel most people would be frighten of entering their password into a form other than twitters.

  • Sean Brennan

    would be why only SOME of my recent wordpress blog posts seem to me making it thru to my twitter account… Any clue as to what it is that get some posts thru to twitter as opposed to others? (to help us troublehshoot in meantime? – I know coding for a new set of specs isn’t magic – so may take you awhile for a compliant version.)

  • Art

    Looks like the problem may be that Commentwitter is not OAuth compliant. Anything not so went dead August 31st 2010.

    Will this be fixed Jon. I’ll pony up $20:)

    • Jon Bishop

      I’ve been aware of this and just have not had the time to re-make the plugin with the new authorization methods. I’m hoping I can have a new version with all of this fixed soon.

    • Art

      Thanks Jon.

  • Sean Brennan

    recent plugin updates changed some details about how twittertoold etc interacts with wordpress… had problems with comments on blog showing up on twitter ever since.

    • Art

      Yep, same here.

  • Chris

    How can I make this work with Extra Comment Fields plugin? As is, it only tweets the last field.

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  • trusktr

    Hey Jon,there’s a bug involving a tag in your plugin.

    A closing tag is missing when the “What’s this?” link is turned off.

  • Robert Scanlon

    Testing this CommenTwitter plugin!

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  • Dinho


    I’m new to this plugin. Love the idea. Has oauth support been added allready?

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  • toplist

    Thanks for the plugin!

  • Markus


    Thanks for your nice plugin! Nice work! But there is one missing feature: if i send a comment to twitter, it will be great if a link to the post will be include my tweet. What your plans with this plugin? Maybe it will be a great feature?

    • Jon Bishop

      This shouldn’t be a problem. My plugin is not responsible for creating the shortlinks … this is the buttons job. I’ve yet to be able to recreate this problem.

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  • John

    Thanks for the plugin!

  • SO

    I’m having a problem with the index page showing an error:

    ‘document.getElementById(…)’ is null o not an object

  • Jorge Fiffe

    Trying out Commentwitter on

  • joel

    Outstanding, saved me a ton of work on this… would be even better if we could use our own API in order to track links clicked in the twitter posts created.

    Also, the ability to tweet comments posted to your blog with a link to the post is what really makes this plugin shine, looked for hours without finding something comparable. If you plan on adding more features, then I would suggest keeping them modular.

    Best and happy holidays!

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  • John (Human3rror)

    wow. it worked. that is sweet!

  • John (Human3rror)

    testing this out… looks neat!

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  • ZLWO

    This is a really cool plugin for wp. Thanks

  • Ginger

    Any news on the OAuth functionality? With all the weird hacker link warnings all over Twitter this week, I think everyone’s a little more cautious about using their passwords. Would love this on my site, so I’m willing to wait for news. I’ve subscribed to follow up comments in hopes of an update. Great work on this!

  • Elena

    Testing plugin

  • Choonit


  • opalhair

    thanks for the plugin mate

  • Dane Morgan | Expirimental Blogger

    Any chance of adding support for That would be a great way to combine Twitter and StumbleUpon power in one little link.

    • Dane Morgan | Expirimental Blogger

      I thought I had made it out of your moderation queue.

    • Jon Bishop

      Sorry about that. I checked my discussion settings and it is set so you should only need to be approved once. That’s very weird. I’ll see if I can;t get that fixed.

      But you also just gave me a good idea. I’m thinking I might be able to include an option in CommenTwitter where people can automatically be approved if they input their data and send their comments to Twitter. I think people might feel more inclined to post if they knew it would get posted right away and links in Twitter to your blog from CommenTwitter would always work (where as sometimes comments get stuck in moderation and the links from Twitter won’t go directly to the comment).

      I’ll start playing around with it but thought I would just throw it out there.

    • Jon Bishop

      I ultimately want to create a little script I can use in both my plugins that will give people more URL shortening options. I’ll look more into what it would take to get in there.

  • HotForWords

    Oh.. my code that I put does not show.. the header has something like:

    if(is_singular()) do_action(‘ct_head’);

  • HotForWords

    Your plugin breaks javascript for people’s homepages and let me tell you why and what I had to do to fix it on my website.

    Line 4 of your commenttwitter.js searches for the element id = “twittername” but id=”twittername”does not exist on my homepage or any page where there are no comments, so it fails and ends up breaking other javascript on the page.

    I had to change at the bottom of commenttwitter.php the wp_head to ct_head:
    add_action(‘ct_head’, ‘Commentwitter_wp_head’);

    And then I added the following to my header:

    Which disables your commenttwitter.js on pages that are not single pages (which are usually the pages with comments).

    So, if you could fix your javascript to not be called when on pages without comments that would be perfect as my solution is not perfect if someone has comments on pages your plugin will not work.

    • Jon Bishop

      Thanks for giving me a heads up.

      I’ll try and rework it this weekend.

  • CT

    You’re quick! I see the plugin’s been updated with, good deal. Thanks!

  • Pavan Somu

    thanks for the plugin mate

  • CT

    Looks like is shutting down by the end of October:

    Hopefully you’re planning on an update to CommenTwitter, replacing with (or even selectable URL shorteners)?

    • Jon Bishop

      Well that’s no good. Luckily I stay prepared for this sort of thing. I’ll need to go back and make sure everything is kosher but I should be able to get a new version of commentwitter soon with support and possibly as well

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  • Gwzo

    I’m Testing…

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  • Swagga Boss

    This seems slick…I wish it would work with the TwitConnect plugin so they would have to enter credentials every time.

  • Mike Harrison

    Installed it and activated it but it doesn’t show up. We have WordPress 2.8.4. Any help?

  • CT

    Thanks for building this, Jon. Nice built-in output to Twitter without having to export blogcommenting to Disqus.

    A couple of minor suggested tweaks:

    - add a border=”0″ in the help icon, as it shows up with an ugly hyperlink square border on some browsers now. (Also suggest including that img in the plugin package, versus hosting it on your site).

    - plugin acts a little wonky on comment_popup, although still very functional. AJAX doesn’t work, and it double-tweets the comment: once with the specific comment permalink, and again with the post permalink. I realize almost nobody uses popup comments anymore — but I do :)

    Finally, a question: How does CommenTwitter handle Twitter outages/fail whales? The service has been crapping out a lot lately, and I’m concerned that it doesn’t hang my site during Twitter outages.

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  • Jinn

    Thank for your work this is exactly what i was looking for

  • Tommy Linsley

    Updated Commentwitter to 1.5.1 and lost my rotating header images in an installation using iThemes’ FlexxPro theme. Deactivated your plugin and now the rotating header images are back where they should be. Wonder what would cause them to disappear upon updating the plugin. Maybe a coincidence, but deactivating Commentwitter did bring back my header images.
    Just letting you know in case others may have the same problem.
    Thanks, it was a useful plugin.

    • Jon Bishop

      Thanks for the feedback @tommylinsley … that’s an odd problem you’re having. I tried to recreate it but everything seemed to be working fine. Have you given it a second shot yet?

    • Tommy Linsley

      Jon, thanks for a quick reply.
      No, I haven’t given it a second shot yet.
      The header images are working now, so I hate to rock the boat, so to speak. I’ll post here if I do try it again.
      Gotta love WordPress. So useful, but so easy to break.

  • Chris

    I am testing your plug-in

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  • ecochiccouture

    Love this for my bridal shows!

  • Bryce

    Two things:

    I am looking to remove the link and link directly to the comment or post page using the name of the post at the end of each tweet. Or at least the text read more instead of a meaningless URL.

    Also can I not remove the posted notification that includes the API links and have that be the name of the commenter?

    • Jon Bishop

      Unfortunately you can’t hyperlink text in Twitter so you can’t do the “more” thing. I can however make it so it uses your own custom URL.

      I could explain to you how to hack the file but then you couldn’t do future updates. I’ll try and work in a feature where you can turn off shortened URLs in the next version. (however this is not wise for most people)

      I’m not sure I understand the second part of your question.

    • Bryce

      I would appreciate if you could send over the updated code that includes a custom linking URL. Basically I just want it to be the exact URL from the rss feed, not tiny URL.

      I do have one question with regards to the tiny URL though – is this a part of the character count? If so and I can update the second question instead I would not need to adjust the tiny URL.

      With regards to the second question I noticed the following text being added after each post:

      9:17 AM Jul 21st from API

      Can I make the word API read and link to whatever I want?

  • Scott

    This sounds like a cool plugin. I think I would give it a try if it didn’t require the user to type their password. I understand why you need them to do that but it just seems a bit creepy to the user (I don’t think your trying to be creepy. I understand Its just the only way it can work).

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  • David Bigler

    CommenTwitter is a wonderful plugin. Thank you so much for creating it!

  • Meiky

    Its WordPress 2.8

  • Meiky

    Which I do not make correctly, the PlugIn make no Slide on my blog. It is only static available the twitter-login?

  • Meiky

    I’m Testing…

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  • test

    test comment

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  • woops

    testing comments..

  • solazy

    This’s a good element.

  • Jon Bishop

    @johnbakeronline thanks John, I’ll fix that first chance I get.

  • Jon Bishop

    @benwaynet I’ve been looking into ways to integrate OAuth seamlessly into the commenting process. It seemed easier before I actually started implementation. It’s still on my list of to-dos but has been put on the back burner to some other usability changes I need to make,

  • John Baker

    Since installing the plugin I get a validation output error from the W3C validator:
    Error Line 63, Column 139: Attribute language not allowed on element script at this point.


    Seems to be that (js) that causes the problem.
    Is there anything I can do bring about validation?

  • benwaynet

    I looks like twitter is supporting OAuth now, any chance you can add that to the plugin?

  • Jon Bishop

    I’ve been thinking that normal comments should be posted to Twitter as replies to the post author.

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  • Jon Bishop

    Drew: Thanks man, that’s really great to hear. I actually really wanted to incorporate the avater/twitter name into the comments but my original method of doing so was squashed when Twitter changed their API so I couldn’t pull Twitter info with an email address.

    So now I’m thinking I’ll start saving Usernames (not passwords) of people that use commentwitter. Those people will have their Twitter avatar’s displayed with a little reply button that lets you reply to their Twitter name in the comment form. This way it shows up as a reply on Twitter. Great new way of notifying people of followups to blog post comments.

  • Drew

    This is by far the best Twitter plugin for WordPress. Awesome Job!

    I installed this on a site I’m building, and as a person above stated, it would be a really neat function if the plugin could grab the person’s twitter avatar from their account. While I didn’t have the time to figure out how to do that, I did manage to rig up a little hack that links the commenter’s name to their twitter account:

    1. In wp-content > themes > [current theme] > comments.php, search for [value="Submit Comment"] and add [onClick="tweetLink()"] right after that.

    2. Copy and paste this code right before that input tag:

    function tweetLink() {
    document.commentform.url.value = ‘’ + document.commentform.twittername.value;

    And as a sidenote, “You can also choose to ad a small note” should be “You can also choose to add a small note”, and “please considor donating a few bucks to support it’s development” should be “please consider donating a few bucks to support its development” (just trying to help).

  • Jon Bishop

    Andy: You obviously didn’t read my post or understand what the plugin is about. I’m also curious about these “issues” you say I am having.

    Hopefully you’ll give this plugin a second look and reconsider your opinion.

  • Andy Piper

    Isn’t this just a cheap rip off of the very cool and innovative TweetMeme button? Only it doesn’t have all the fun stuff that goes with it and the traction… I think I’ll be using the TweetMeme one it doesn’t have anywhere near as many issues as this one appears to have.

  • Giorgio Taverniti

    Good news from this plugin ;)

  • ebeggingonlinedotcom

    thnks for this nice plugin john..gonna use this in my site..looking great..thnks a lot for creating such a nice plugin..

  • Craig

    Strike that last comment Jon, I googled my php error and found that I needed to enable some features in my php.ini file. Thanks for the sweet plug-in!

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  • Scot


    Wondering if this plugin could also be tweaked to allow for Twitter crossposting from the post form in WordPress’ Prologue or P2 themes?


  • Jon Bishop

    @postkarma i like your idea. i’ll look into how hard it might be to integrate that.

  • Jon Bishop

    @gerthough glad you liked commentwitter. i’ve been loving all the feedback i’ve been getting.

  • Rick

    Could you add an option in the admin panel to have all of the comments published to your own twitter? I would like to have my own twitter account updated with comments that are left (preferably after they have been moderated of course). It seems like that should be some simple functionality to add, would just need to capture the site admins twitter un / pw and then pass it through to a second function that would post the twitter message, just as it would if a visitor had entered their own un / pw.

    Just a thought.. it may increase your user base for this plugin also.

    Thank you.

  • Gert Hough

    Nice. Especially the fact that this plugin is a work in progress. Hope it evolves towards the ideas you have for it. Want to see what it does after I submitted the comment. Here goes :-)

    PS: I wondered what clicking the SEND TO TWITTER link will do – maybe a little radio button could do the trick.

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  • David

    Ok, you mean go to your theme editor and plug this piece of code in. Got it.


  • David

    I don’t see any “Appearance” tab in my admin. There’s only a Theme Editor not just “Editor” and the “Comments” tab doesn’t allow for any modifications or code input.

    Are you talking about editing the actual plugin?


  • Scot


    Great plugin, but i wondered if this could be modified for use with WordPress’ Prologue theme, whereby you could insert the code within the post-form on the home page. I’ve tried this and, expectedly, does not work as it stands but perhaps with some tweaking?


  • Matt

    Awesome idea. I’ll be putting this on my site for sure. Thanks.

  • Twittergator

    Updating the plugins on a couple of my wordpress blogs and will be trying out commentwitter.

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  • Jon Bishop

    @danemorgan I actually want to do that AND grab the persons Twitter avatar. Then I want to make it so you can reply to people by clicking on their name and it will add the @username to the comment so when you tweet it gets sent out as a reply.

    I was even thinking about threading the replies.

  • Dane Morgan @ Experimental Blogger

    An idea for improving commenttwitter. Since we are already asking the reader for their twitter ID, why not insert a small twitter icon linked to their Twitter Profile. It would be a nice thing to do for a reader who took the time to tweet their comment to our post.

  • nico

    Might give it a go !

  • Bill

    I added the new plug like said here but i dont see it on my site. Maybe i did something wrong.

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  • baron

    hi. Thanks for plugin



  • Valentin

    Great! This is pretty cool as a concept

  • Dane [email protected] Blogger

    Scratch that last comment. I somehow had removed my jquery inclusion from the theme header… [sheepish grin]

  • Dane Morgan

    Any ideas on why it won’t work for logged in users? I implemented it by pasting a copy on either side of the else statement testing for logged in / logged out users. When logged in clicking on the link sends me to the top of the page rather than opening the dialog.

  • Jon Bishop

    @Suthnautr I’m glad you were able to get it to work

  • Suthnautr

    Pretty cool, Jon. I plugged it in, gave it my WP API, and edited the “” line of code into the comments.php – I’m using the iNove theme (modded of course) and the section of code I had to put it right after was “” (with a [code] added before and after) and it works like a charm! Thanks

  • Jon Bishop

    @danemorgan as it stands you only have to be approved once before you can post without moderation. Other than that I guess if you really trusted whatever spam filtering service you were using you could just turn off moderation.

    • Epic Alex

      @jon – I thought that this was actually defined in the admin options – for example every comment has to be approved on my blog, even for those who have commented before.

      I was thinking about writing this plugin myself, so did a quick search and found this plugin. There are a few things that I’ve found having tested it, and a few ideas I have as to what I would like to see.

      - if you use an @ reply in your comment to target the reply at a comment, this becomes an @reply on twitter – and the user name on twitter isn’t necessarily the same as the commenter’s name on your blog.

      - I’d like to see an admin option to change the text ‘send to twitter’

      - The option to change whether the comment itself is sent, or just something like “I’ve just commented on Post Title – check it out. link

      - integration/other url shortening services.

      Other than that, it’s a great plugin, thanks!

    • Jon Bishop

      @epicalex Thanks for the feedback. I’m working on better ways of handling when the tweet gets sent to Twitter so that it only gets posted when you’re approved … or something like that.

      I’ve also begun integrating some personalaztion options into the admin panel that I hope to have ready for the next release.

      I like some of the other ideas for customization that you had as well and will definitely look into them.

      Thanks again man.

  • Dane [email protected] Blogger

    One observation…

    It’s a little… disconcerting to send your comment off to twitter, only to discover that your comment is actually in moderation and no one who clicks through will actually see the full, in context, comment.

    Not sure exactly how you resolve something like that to a high level of satisfaction for both user experience and blog safety, but there is surely some approach that would allow bypassing moderation for real people who are also tweeting the comment.

  • Scott Jangro

    Nice idea. Testing out Commentwitter plugin.

  • Dane [email protected] Blogger

    Awesome idea. Now to mash it up with a post your comment to twitter bribe kind of reward system…

  • Jon Bishop

    Cleaned up the plugin a bit and getting ready for release.

  • Jon Bishop

    I integrated API support so people with accounts can keep track of tweeted comments. Now i’m trying to figure out a way to let people tweet their comments without using the Twitter API. This is turning out to be a larger problem than I originally thought.

  • Jon Bishop

    any last minute thoughts on Commentwitter before I potentially release it?

  • Giorgio Taverniti

    I try Commentwitter Plugin Page again :)

  • Giorgio Taverniti

    I try Commentwitter Plugin Page :)

  • Benjamin Wittorf

    Now that’s an interesting concept you have there! Currently, I’m also developing such kind of a plugin but with a different approach, but since yours is looking promising (and, I must admit, better) already, I’ll give and leave it up to you. But if you need some help or assistance, feel free to drop me a line.

  • Jon Bishop

    So I got rid of slashes and was able to link directly to comments. I’ll work on it some more later.

  • Jon Bishop

    So I’m thinking I’ll create an options page that allows you to switch between the API and opening Twitter via some kind of Lightbox/javascript thing.

    I also want to make it so the urls in the Tweets link to the comment rather than the post.

  • Jon Bishop

    I wish OAuth for Twitter was ready so I could use that instead of asking for passwords