I seem to find myself digging for great Twitter analogies when faced with the paradox of explaining Twitter to a friend. You would think that something so simple would be easy to explain, yet somehow people are still dumbfounded by its purpose.

So here is a solid little list of Twitter analogies I’ve found scattered across the web. Choose your weapons.

If you have a favorite analogy that is not on this list, please share it in the comments and I’ll throw it in the mix.

- Photo by OctopusHat

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  • phashrachal

    click to view online , just clicks away

  • http://thebroadbandrevolution.blogspot.com/ Geoffrey Boys

    Twitter is like playing cricket against Australia. The England Cricket Captain was asked what they enjoyed most about the Australian Tour. His answer was “the great people that we met”

  • http://twitter.com/LizOkesson Liz

    It’s this decade’s CB Radio.

    • http://www.jonbishop.com Jon Bishop

      @LizOkesson I’ve heard this analogy before and is one of my favorites. Thanks for the comment.

  • Sara

    Twitter is a condensed blog for the brief speakers.

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  • http://themidlifewife.com Beth Rosen

    Twitter is like a support group

  • Teri Gidwitz

    I described Twitter the other night to a friend as a firemen’s brigade for information, or, as a friend describes it, an echo chamber.

  • http://www.professorppt.com Tom Bunzel

    Twitter is like PowerPoint with one bullet.

  • elaine

    Twitter is like group text messaging

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